Rock-headed England League Players during Coronavirus Pandemic

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Rock-headed England League Players during Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic keeps going and going worse since January 2020. The pandemic gave a lot of effects on many aspects, including the economic status in the football clubs. A lot of football clubs in the Europe league decide to cut salaries, so the clubs can keep operating during the pandemic crisis. 

There are no incomes the clubs got from anything during the pandemic. People don’t buy tickets to watch the match, visiting the clubs’ museum, or any facilities owned by the clubs. The clubs do not get a broadcast right and fund either. This is because of the government’s decision to quarantine and lockdown any activities. This is the act to make sure there are no more significant cases and casualties of the virus.

There are some good things that happen during the Coronavirus pandemic. A lot of football players in the European league willingly cut their salaries, so the clubs’ employees (employees that aren’t players) are getting their full salary. This includes the fee about the stadium or any other facilities maintenance too. The clubs must operate as usual while there is no income, and the kind football players make sure that the clubs’ employees can survive during the crisis of the virus pandemic.

In England, things went differently, unlike the rest of European clubs from other countries. A lot of football players in Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur do not want their salaries to be cut. As a result of their actions, a lot of non-player employees have to lay off during the crisis. 

If the England football players are willing to cut their salary, things like this won’t even happen. Employees will stay working and get their full salary. Because employees are not as rich as the football players, especially for employees that work to maintain the stadium and other clubs’ facilities. Meanwhile, the salary of football players in the England league is considered to be the highest now. Around 20 Premier League clubs spent 58,7 million pounds sterling to pay their players yearly. On the other side of the Europa league, such as Spain’s La Liga, only spent around 40,7 million pounds sterling yearly. Italy spent around 30 million pounds sterling. German Bundesliga and Ligue 1 France are below 30 million pounds sterling.

The attitude between England’s football players are too different from players from other countries in Europe. As an example, Barcelona players, such as Lionel Messi and his friends, are willing to cut their salary to 70% so the club can survive the crisis, including the employees as well. They did this to make sure that the employees will get a full 100% salary as the usual day before the pandemic happened. 

As a summary, the Coronavirus pandemic affected a lot of aspects in the football world. Football clubs must survive the pandemic crisis while there’s no income. So, the best thing to do is to cut the players’ salaries. However, Premier League players don’t want to get cut. As a result, clubs’ employees never reached economic prosperity during the pandemic crisis.

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