Latest News La Liga: The Match Will Resume Again Starting May 28

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Latest News La Liga: The Match Will Resume Again Starting May 28

Good news for you fans of the Spanish La Liga. Because the President of La Liga, Javier Tebas, said if the La Liga competition will be resumed again starting on May 28 later. Even so, he admitted if that date has not become a certainty date to continue La Liga competition.

According to him, the date was one of the three dates planned by his party together with UEFA. The other three dates are May 28, June 6, and July 28.

As for the official date of the training process itself, he admitted that he had not yet decided on it. This is because the decision is entirely held by the authorities in Spain itself. Even so, he was quite optimistic that if later in between the three dates that had been proposed, there would be a training session before those dates.

Spain has imposed a state of emergency in its territory until April 26. Because of this decision, La Liga activities were finally stopped for a while. The last match carried out by the Spanish team itself was last carried out on 11 March, when Atletico Madrid managed to get rid of Liverpool in a Champions League match.

Javier Tebas decided to continue the domestic league rather than stop it. Because the remaining matches for this season alone are only 11 matches left. He has also admitted that if there are various options to be chosen later following the conditions that are happening so that the game is still possible to continue.

His trust is increasingly due to the decision of the UEFA itself to postpone the European Cup championship a year from the schedule. According to him, of course, this could be an opportunity to complete the remaining competition league and also help the players to prepare themselves later.

Javier Tebas also did not dismiss options such as playing a match without an audience would be the choice that must be taken to pursue the rest of the remaining league competition. Even so, if this choice is made, he hopes that the readiness in the medical department must be fully prepared to prevent various undesirable things later.

Not to mention the losses that have been experienced by the club over the coronavirus outbreak that is happening right now. He dared to estimate the approximate losses suffered by the club each worth 1 billion euros.

Therefore, to minimize this problem, the La Liga operators themselves have appealed to Spanish clubs to cut salaries of their players so that they can help finance the club and still be able to pay workers at the club. This is because in the calculation of Spanish GDP, 1.37 percent of which is the salaries of professional soccer players.

This action was originally carried out by Barcelona, where they have cut salaries to their players by 70 percent. Similar steps were also followed by rival clubs, Atletico Madrid. They impose pay cuts on almost all players. Not only that, but donations also came from the core players, managers, to the main directors to guarantee full payment for workers at the club.

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