Bicycle Maintenance

It's hard to imagine a world without the humble bicycles. The simple mechanism of a bicycle is hard to beat. The simple concept of a human-powered and pedal driven vehicle, with two wheels has been plying on roads since the 19th century. In fact, this simple vehicle is the principal means of transport in several parts of the world. With rising emphasis on environment-friendly modes of transportation, the demand for bicycles has been picking up in recent times. Bicycles are also extremely simple to maintain. Regular use of Lubricants and regular maintenance of the other key parts is all that you need to make them keeping running smoothly for years to come.

Extra information about Lubricants

Affordability factor

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of bicycles is their affordability. Since they don't use any fuel apart from human power, they are also the cheapest mode of transportation. Almost anyone can use a bicycle. They are extremely popular among children and teens. Many in the middle age group find them very useful, whether it is for commuting to the workplace or just for the sake of a workout. In fact, cycling has become a very popular cardio-vascular workout too for millions of people around the world. With rising awareness about the harmful effects of vehicular pollution, in many countries people are being encouraged to take up cycling on a regular basis nowadays.

Key components

Let us take closer look at this simple piece of equipment. The frame is of course the major component. The basic frame has remained the same since the time bicycles were invented. The frame has provisions for fitting two tyres, as well as a saddle, the drive train and handlebars. The drive train is one part that has evolved over a period of time. These days apart from the chain that connects the pedals with the wheels, the drive train also has takes care of the gears. The handlebars of course take care of the steering part. They also have the brakes fitted on both sides. When it comes to saddles, a variety of types are available these days. Depending on the terrain that they are going to ride on, a variety of tyres, specially made for bicycles too are available nowadays.

Easy to maintain

Bicycle maintenance involves regular inspection of the vehicle, followed by cleaning and lubing. While even wiping off with a dry cloth would do a good job of cleaning, for a really good cleaning session, dilute dish soap is a good option, for it is helpful in removing grime and dust. After the cleaning is done with, lubrication needs to be done. There are bicycle specific lubricants available nowadays in the market. One of the key areas where lubricants need to be used is the chain. The cables that connect the brake levers to the brake disc also need to be lubed using lubricants. Similarly, it is important that you use lubricants for the brake pivots too. The shifters, which play a key role in smooth functioning of the gears is another part which needs lubricants to be used at regular intervals.